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About Us

Fletcher Plumbing & Co Pty Ltd is a family owned commercial plumbing company that has been in existence for 30 years servicing North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales. During this time we have accrued large amounts of experience working on a diverse range of projects in both general and specialised plumbing.

The company currently employs 20 staff including Plumbers, Administration Staff, Apprentices, Plant Operators and Labourers.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of WH&S and Environmental Management. The organisation strives to meet, as a minimum, the standards set by our clients, industry and regulatory bodies.

Due to the company working in many diverse areas we ensure that all our employees have the skills, training and experience to complete all tasks effectively and efficiently to deliver the best possible outcome for all our clients.


Fletcher Plumbing & Co Pty Ltd has undertaken both major and minor projects. Our dedicated plumbing construction team strives to deliver all projects to the highest standard, delivering the best value for money for our clients. Where required we can be involved in the design stage and where possible offer alternatives to increase value for money for our clients.


As part of our operations we have a dedicated service and maintenance department that has been in continuous operation since the company's inception and offer 24 hour 7 days a week service as required.

Our Maintenance Department covers everything from small domestic jobs right up to large commercial contractual maintenance.

We have 3 administration staff dedicated to processing an average of 3,500 jobs every year.

Through working with our various clients we have developed and implemented systems to ensure that all maintenance works are completed with the highest level of efficiency and value for money. We use the latest technology to monitor and plan all outstanding works to ensure they are completed in a prioritised and timely manner.

In order to continually improve our service, a system of reporting on KPI's can be developed to ensure we are exceeding all our client’s requirements and expectations.

Fletcher Plumbing & Co Pty Ltd takes care to complete all tasks in a timely and professional manner.

Plumbing truck Fletchers Plumbing & Co

Concrete Cutting and Core Hole Drilling

Fletcher Plumbing & Co Pty Ltd owns and operates its own concrete cutting and core hole drilling equipment. Our self-driven petrol-powered concrete saws can cut to a maximum depth of 350mm and drill up to 350mm diameter.

Pipe and Cable Locations

Fletcher Plumbing & Co Pty Ltd has been conducting underground asset locations for the past 10 years. Over this time we have conducted locations through NSW & VIC. Our staff are highly experienced and trained. All asset locating personnel are Telstra accredited.

Fletcher Plumbing & Co Pty Ltd is a registered accredited asset locator.

Non-Destructive Excavation

Fletcher Plumbing & Co Pty Ltd owns and operates a Vermeer Evacuator to undertake non-destructive excavation.

Non-destructive excavation is used to excavate in high risk areas such as underground power and fibre optic cables. It can be used to safely excavate holes without the risk of damaging underground services.

The evacuator uses high pressure water to cut away the ground while the vacuum suction removes all loose ground and excess water. The result is a pot hole with no mess and no chance of disturbing any underground assets.

Evacuators can be used to complete the following tasks:

- Physical location of underground assets
- Cleaning out of pits or wells
- Pot holes for sign posts
- Boring under paths.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is the process of forcing non-toxic smoke filled air into the drain and/or sewer system. The smoke under pressure will fill the line and any connections. Whether in the drainage or sewer system, breaks or illegal taps in either or both will allow the smoke to escape and surface through the ground or pipe work quickly and thereby reveal the source of the problem.

Smoke tests are effective, no matter the soil type, surface type or the depth of the lines tested.